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   By Bane (Unregistered Guest) on Saturday, July 16, 2005 - 09:37 pm: Edit Post

I have trained in Fu style Long Hsing BaguaZhang for years, and I keep running into people who say that after you learn the Single/double, and Old eight palms, practiced for awile, that it time to practice the forms in reverse?? or mirror the frontal movements as a backwards set. I have also seen this in Tai Chi, when you train in one direction for say {three years} then practice the forms on the other side for say {six years} then also learn the complete system in reverse/backwards, again the right and left sides.

Does Gao/sun You Shen style train this method?
{I have trained Sun's You Shen}
Do you also train the fighting Backwards?

When you walk the circle holding static arms, do you still keep focused on the circles center or do you hold the arms away from the center while walking backwards?

Is it good for overall body mechnics to walk the circle backwards?

Thanks in advance

   By stan (Unregistered Guest) on Sunday, July 24, 2005 - 08:27 pm: Edit Post


Though I have not kept up with baquazhang, I never heard of walking the circle backwards. It just seems absurd based on what I learned.
Whether one has learnt Old or New style baquazhang, if one has only leaned form, then they are the same since one does not know how to apply!
Check this out. Walking the circle facing the center has always been the goal since the 'enemy' is there. Why face away from the center? This must truly be New Age baquazhang! If anyone can clarify, I am willing to listen to my defects in training.

just a thought

   By Old Man (Unregistered Guest) on Sunday, July 24, 2005 - 09:05 pm: Edit Post

To someone,that has never seen the art before may seem absurd... walking the circe foward

My 2cents

   By Michael Andre Babin on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 08:54 am: Edit Post

I used to tell my students that I had never seen a demonstration of bagua that looked decent to me from a martial perspective in which the practitioner walked backwards during a circular form. Then a few weeks ago, someone loaned me a dvd from China in which the expert did just that -- briefly -- in one of the changes. I guess that it's always dangerous to generalize ...

On the other hand, walking backwards is hardly a martial technique that one would want to specialize in as "strategic withdrawals" on any level are very difficult to pull-off in the face of a skilfull or determined attack.

   By Old Man (Unregistered Guest) on Monday, July 25, 2005 - 10:35 am: Edit Post

Forwards..,Backwards..,what the problem? Whats the difference?
They are both of yin and yang, and they are both applicable in confrontation.Walking backwards, you can do tricky sweeps ,back kicks,get the opponent to chase you ,back flip kicks,reverse hand spring kicks...ext.

In the end it all really just depends on the skill/creative level, of the practitioner.

   By Harvey (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 08:55 am: Edit Post


   By ra amen on Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 01:58 pm: Edit Post

Do you guys walk backwards at shenwu? Tim is this something you learned in your studies?

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