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   By marc daoust on Saturday, December 31, 2005 - 03:45 pm: Edit Post

actually it's nine.
one of the advance stage of walking the circle
is the nine palace stepping pattern,it simulate
9 opponents.(emei baguazhang-theory and applications-by master liang shou-yu and dr.
yang jwing-ming)
crack a book sometime!

   By ROOT (Unregistered Guest) on Saturday, December 31, 2005 - 10:39 pm: Edit Post

There is no nine, there is no eight. If you are to fight more than two? Run.

You talk about sparring MMA, if you circle around an MMA practitioner, he'll take an angle and turf your ass. If you are not looking to enter control and throw or down your opponent, you are not doing BGZ.

Forget distance, if you are going to fight more than one person, better concentrate on keepingh them in front of you. Throw them at each other, or use one as a sheild. If they get behind you? That's GAME OVER. So you can forget about running around in circles and trying to max out their "Hit Meter". Learn to run, be in reasonable shape to do so.

The guy who owns this board is at the pinnacle of H2H combat knowledge in this country. I think he'd tell you to run too. So forget what all your books say. A book never beat anybody, and by the content of your discourse here, neither have you.

   By ROOT (Unregistered Guest) on Saturday, December 31, 2005 - 10:40 pm: Edit Post



   By David S. White on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 12:50 am: Edit Post

Forget numbers it's what the person or people are doing at that single moment - that is the tell all of any confrontational situation. That is why training for spontaniety in movement of yourself and others is essential.

That is also why circle walking is essential - to close the gap. This BS that people are saying that getting close to a MMA is dangerous depends on the individual. Walking the circle and applying it well in combat will enable you to close the gap, and disenable them to "take an angle and turf your ass". This is coming from experience in doing just that daily against BJJ, Vale Tudo, Shooto, Muay Thai or whatever you want to call it. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds to rid yourself of certain opponents.

One needs control of distance and control of CQC, one must have control at all times otherwise running or curling up in a ball might better suit.

As to forgetting what all your books say, that is straight foolish, read and learn, practice and learn. Don't be ignorant or biased to anyones teachings.


   By marc daoust on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 02:39 am: Edit Post

david your the man!
and root you don't have a clue,how many MMA fights have you been in?(I'm 2-0 pro if your wondering).and by the way,if you fight 2 persons and more they can still run after you,moron!!!

   By robert on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 11:01 am: Edit Post

circle walking? yeah, i do tha all the time, walking around the grocery store looking for my wife.

   By Wilber (Unregistered Guest) on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 05:34 pm: Edit Post


Can you please post some video of your fights with BJJ, Vale Tudo, Shooto and Muay Thai fighters?

I think we'd all really like to see you using your Ba Gua to whoop ass on those styles.


   By David S. White on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 - 09:23 pm: Edit Post

I will be posting videos a.s.a.p., unfortunately i don't record them at the moment, but one of the BJJ / Shooto friends does. We will be doing so this year without a doubt. I have promised a few people on different forums videos and i will deliver.

Where i train does not emphasise cross training as Shen Wu seems too. It's either Chinese or it's MMA etc. So when i spar with other styles i am visiting associates schools. I have previously trained these MMA as well so occassionaly i mix it up. It's a nice and valuable combo to have BGZ and BJJ etc.



   By bob bobby bobster on Sunday, January 15, 2006 - 09:07 pm: Edit Post

go to this site to see some techniques of BaGua

thats all i got.. thanx 4 ur time

   By Tim on Monday, January 16, 2006 - 06:51 pm: Edit Post

Those are illustrations from the one of the first published books on Baguazhang.

The author is Yan Dehua, I think the book is still available.

There is also a write up about Yan's book in Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo's "Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals."

   By robert on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - 12:29 pm: Edit Post

hey, thanks bob.

   By bob bobby bobster on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - 08:10 pm: Edit Post

Yeah no probelma bro! (most think its no problemo for spanish but its really problema)

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