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   By David B. on Tuesday, March 20, 2001 - 10:49 am: Edit Post

I have a quick question to ask. Has anyone ever seen a style of Bagua that does not use Bai Bu (toe-out step)? The reason given for not using has 3 parts: one, it leaves the inner leg open for attack. two, it lets the opponent know which way you are going. and three, it isn't condusive for propere circulation. Now, I'm not saying I agree with these reasons but I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say about this. Thanks for you time.

   By Tim on Tuesday, March 20, 2001 - 02:14 pm: Edit Post

The vulnerability of the inner leg to attack isn't determined by where you point your toes, it's determined by where your opponent is standing relative to you. If pointing your toe out tells your opponent which way you are going, why doesn't pointing your toe in or straight tell your opponent which way you are going as well? Bad for circulation? Ballet dancers and cowboys don't seem to have any problems.

   By Bob #2 on Tuesday, March 20, 2001 - 02:38 pm: Edit Post

I laughed so hard I swallowed my gum.

   By David on Tuesday, March 20, 2001 - 07:38 pm: Edit Post

OK, these were my thoughts too but I just wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks a lot!

   By Bob #2 on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - 02:17 pm: Edit Post

that's another advantage to having no feet. My
opponent has absolutely no indication what direction I'm moving.

Life is good when you look at it the right way.

   By stc on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 - 03:32 pm: Edit Post

and the advantage of having no brain is that i don't really know where i'm going.. or so my imaginary girlfriend keeps on saying..


   By Russ on Thursday, March 22, 2001 - 12:40 pm: Edit Post

Some styles toe in with the outside step, continue to turn the hip to bring the inside foot parallel and alongside the outside foot, and then move the inside foot straight ahead. The outside foot is then brought forward and parallel to the inside foot to complete the four parts of the step. Thus, no real toe out. In other words, the walking describes the octagonal Ba Gua, not a circle. Although your orientation to the person your are fighting will vary, Ba Gua typically dictates fighting with your side to them. Toeing out does increase your vulnerability, as the outside of the knee and lower leg is stronger, especially as cirle walking builds up the muscle that covers the shin bone. You protect yourself from techniques that take you down by walking on your ankle or knee, and cover the groin area better. However, if the person you are fighting is watching your toes to see where you go, I would think you could beat them without Ba Gua training.

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