Yin Style Bagua training in/near Palm Springs, California (92240/92234)

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   By Jesse on Friday, August 31, 2007 - 10:22 am: Edit Post

Hello everyone! I've had a wonderful time reading through the forums here, and have found a lot of useful information.

Now, down to business. I'm looking for a Ba Gua Zhang teacher that is nearby. I currently have 2 names, and have been able to get into contact with one of them.

The first, who I was told practiced "Dark Palm" Ba Gua (Well, the name was longer than that, but I can't remember it all. Anyone heard of like this?) I believe has mastered the system, and I would love to have him teach me. To my dismay, his schedule is too busy to take me as a student; I completely understand and respect that, however.

He did give me another name of a person here in the valley, whom I'm still trying to get into contact with: Jacques Moramarco. He studied under Sun Shu Rong (lineage here: http://www.suntaichi.com/moramarco.html). He is local, and I do find the Sun style of Ba Gua quite amazing, but I do have doubts that he'll be able to teach me, either.

So, I ask the members of the forum, here: would anyone know of any Yin style (Competent) Ba Gua trainer's in the zip codes I posted in the title? I would be greatly appreciative. Even if you know someone who doesn't teach Yin style, please let me know.

After researching the different variations of Ba Gua, I came to the decision that I would like to train in either Yin or Sun Ba Gua. I only fear that there are no Yin style practitioners/teachers that could train me on a regular, frequent basis.

Again, thank you for all of your help!

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