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   By Jake Burroughs on Wednesday, February 06, 2008 - 12:52 pm: Edit Post

For those who may have missed it on the other thread, Tim will be in town teaching Xing Yi and Bagua!

Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts Center
Proudly Presents a Weekend Workshop on:


w/ Tim Cartmell

March 22-23, 2008
Seattle, WA.
*Location will be available upon registration*

Whole Weekend: $145
Saturday Single Session: $65
Both Saturday Sessions: $105
Clinch Clinic: $85

*Tim will also be available for a limited number of private lessons*

Contact Jake Burroughs for more information,
Scheduling of private lessons,
Or for further questions:

Sun Bagua Form & Application (Snake & Hawk)
Saturday March 22, 12:30-3:30 pm

Tim continues his Sun Bagua Intensive offering the next two animal forms: Snake and the Hawk. Both the form and a multitude of applications will be taught including striking, joint manipulation, and of course throws. Sun Lu Tang was arguably one of the most influential martial artist’s of his time learning Bagua from the famous Cheng Ting Hua who was known for his throwing skills. Sun went on to create his own sub-system of Bagua.
This seminar is open to any and all styles and levels regardless if you have studied Bagua before. Come with an open mind and explore the rich culture of Chinese Martial Arts taught by one of the most sought after instructors today!
Expect to learn:
• The complete forms and circle walking
• Real world applications for today’s society
• Gain a better understanding of how the body moves and its usage in combat

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