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Ba Gua Zhang Research & Boxing Association
Ben Hill Bey Novell G. Bell
For 2 days of Ba Gua Zhang Featuring the two unique Systems of Jiang Rong Qiao, of the Cheng School & Cao Zhong Sheng, of the Yin school.
Day 1
Sifu Bey will cover:
Nei Gong
Circle walking
The first 2 Palms, Form and Applications. Classic and modern adaptation.
Ba Gua Fighting Principles
Ba Gua Push Hands
Day 2
Sifu Bell Will Cover:
The first 2 Palmís of the Cao styleís 64 Palm Set,
with applications.
The Coiling Dragon Posture
The Ox Tongue Palm Combat Drills
Leg Locks & Kicks
Inside Fighting
Point striking will be discussed.
When: Sat& Sun June 13 & 14
Where: The White Crane School
830 W. Southern Ave. Suite 5
Mesa, AZ 85210
For more Registration info Contact:
Quan Lam- 1-602-391-8124

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