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   By kahho (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 09:36 am: Edit Post


I read Tim's translation on Sun Lu Tang's book on A Study of Tai Ji Quan. And I have a few questions to ask, hopefully someone can help answer them.

1) On page 51 of the Author's Introduction, it says "The pre-heaven original qi slowly dissipates as the post-heaven qi slowly increases. The result is the weakening of the yang and a strengthening of the yin"

I don't quite get this as this sounds as though pre-heaven qi is has more yang and post-heaven qi has more yin ?? So the study of Tai Ji is to regain more yang to keep the yin/yang balance ?

2) Also in Tai Ji stepping, there is the 5-step. Advance, retreat, left, right and central. What happens to diagonal steppings ? Aren't these diagonal steppings important ?


   By Tim on Saturday, January 17, 2004 - 04:49 am: Edit Post


1) Sun is emphasizing the fact that the pracitce of Taijiquan will increase your pre-natal or natural strength.

2) Stepping to a diagonal is a combination of going either forward or backward while simultaneously moving to the side.

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