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   By Enforcer (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, January 13, 2005 - 03:43 am: Edit Post

Does anyone that practises tai chi actually resist in pushing hands and try to at least touch the other guy? Ive seen some clips and all they seem to do is flow with each other's hands and not even resist or try to work through the other guy's defenses. I can see the value in push hands if it would be modified to have a guy try touching the other guy while his partner tries to prevent that from happening and at the same time try touching him, one hand two hands being connected and any of them trying to get the other guy.

I mean this is the bs I'm talking about:

   By Xi Feng (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, January 13, 2005 - 08:37 am: Edit Post

Yo Enforcer...

With all due respect to HongJunsheng's age... he is basically just going thru the motions in the yilu and erlu. He displays little energy in what should be quite energetic forms. Sad to say, he's over the hill... but can't say what his younger days might have been??
I can only think to compare this display with what my own teacher demonstrates (a man in his mid 60's)
Ma Jun Long (Xinxiang, in Henan province) shows amazing energy/strength/flexibility/power compared to Hong.
Even my wife, at 57, could seriously kick Hong's butt in terms of proper form and power.
(Sorry... I don't have any video... you will just have to take my word for it)
Regards the pushhands... all I can say is that your observations are correct. It is rather a poor display.
There is much better Chen and Tuishou out there, Enforcer... don't judge too much by this old gentleman.

   By Pumba (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, January 13, 2005 - 05:48 pm: Edit Post

I sure wouldn't want to touch "Enforcers" hands, unless he shaved his palms like Bob#2 (wake up Bob, you are missing out here)

   By Ian Kendall on Friday, August 11, 2006 - 06:19 pm: Edit Post


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