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   By Jake Burroughs on Friday, June 29, 2007 - 01:53 pm: Edit Post

I want to thank everyone for your patience, so here is the final schedule for Mike Martello's ONLY US visit and workshops! Two wonderful weekends of training with one of the best I have ever touched hands with. Not to be missed.
To get a view of what Mike is all about visit youtube.com and search Mike Martello, and you will see hours of footage he has graciously shared.
Mike will be with me for two weeks, so anyone interested in private lessons please contact me, and if you have further questions, please contact me.
Jake Burroughs

Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts Center proudly presents
Two weekend workshops on:
Applied Martial Theory
From the Chinese Martial Arts

w/ Mike Martello

October 5-7, 2007
October 12-14, 2007
Seattle, WA.

Workshop Tuition
1-3 Sessions: $55 each
4-7 Sessions: $35 each
8-10 Sessions: $25 each
*Location and other information provided with registration*

Contact Jake Burroughs to register, to schedule a private lesson with Mike Martello, or for further questions:
206-941-3232 / three_harmonies@hotmail.com / www.threeharmonies.com

About the Instructor Mike Martello:
Mike Martello grew up in NYC boxing and fighting, and fell in love with the Chinese martial and healing arts at an early age. Today, 30 years later, he is still studying, teaching, analyzing, and learning from the world’s most respected teachers. He brings a multi-dimensional perspective to the teaching of the martial and healing arts, and is known for thoroughly explaining the combative, as well as health aspects of the ji ben gong or basics!
Specializing in Babu Tanglang (Eight Step Praying Mantis), Shuai Chiao, Chin Na, and White Crane under Wang Jie Laoshi of Taiwan, Mikes understanding of the applications are second to none. Mike spent many years with the legendary Wutan teacher Su Yu Chang Laoshi learning Baji, Taiji, Bagua, Northern Mantis (Meihua, Liuhe, Babu, Qi Xing), weapons, as well as qigong and some Chinese medicine. Mike’s attitude is the same as teacher Wang’s; “I am now, and forever a student of the martial arts.”
Mike has won every major Chinese Martial Arts tournament in North America finally retiring with well over 100 championship titles. He no longer competes, spending his time and energy teaching and studying the subtleties of the beautiful Chinese arts in Antwerp Belgium.
Mike will be visiting his good friend and student Jake Burroughs in Seattle, WA. for the first time, and this will be Mr. Martello’s ONLY stop in North America so register early before spaces fill up! For more info on Mike Martello, clips, and historical information please visit both www.babutanglang.com and www.wutang.be, also search “Mike Martello” on Youtube.com to see his teachings in real time.

Session I: Shuai (Throwing) Techniques & Training
Friday Oct. 5th, 1-5pm
Mike will draw from the arts of Bagua / Taiji / Xing Yi to offer lessons on not only technique, but also how to enhance your understanding and application of Shuai (throwing) training within your art. The basic (ji ben gong) principles will be thoroughly explained, and then Mike will lead us through solo strength building exercises, partner sensitivity drills, and will teach a number of applications drawn from various forms and movements common to all styles of Taiji, Bagua, Xing Yi, Tongbei, and Baji. Open to all levels and stylists, if you are interested in improving your throwing skills this is not the seminar to miss!

Sessions II-V: Exploring the 13 Combative Postures & Silk Reeling of Taiji via Push Hands Training
Session II: Saturday Oct. 6th, 12-3pm Session III: Saturday Oct. 6th, 5-8pm
Session IV: Sunday Oct. 7th, 10am-1pm Session V: Sunday Oct. 7th, 3-6pm

The heart of Taiji arguably lies in the study of the 13 Combative Postures (Peng / Lu / Ji / An / Cai / Lie / Kao / Zhou / and the five stepping methods) common to all systems of Taiji. Coupled with Chan Si Jin (Silk Reeling Power), these principles build the foundation of understanding how to use the techniques and theories found within all systems of Taiji, and really all martial arts!
This seminar will NOT be an overview of the postures, but rather an in-depth study of the mechanics and applications of the principles taught through the medium of push hands with special emphasis on using silk reeling power to generate power, opening the pelvic and shoulder girdles, and building sensitivity and root when applying these techniques.
Mike will draw upon his 30 years of Taiji experience in the arts of Chen and Yang, as well as his many victories in international push hands competition, for this seminar that is open to all levels and styles. This is a great opportunity to train with one of the best push hands players I have ever touched hands with, as well as a chance to enhance your understanding of one of the most popular Chinese Martial Arts in the world. Your sensitivity, rooting, and power generation will improve dramatically along with increasing your ability to apply the devastating techniques (throwing / joint manipulation / striking) of Taiji in combat situations.

Session VI: Shuai Shou Tanglang (Throwing Hands of Mantis)
Friday Oct. 12th, 1-5pm

Originating from Meihua (Plum Blossom Mantis) Tanglang, "Shuai shou" means to turn the body to one side and throw out the arm, using the lower arm to turn the wrist, and hit the opponent while crossing a long distance at the same time. The power generation is described "like a rooster picking rice, like a dragonfly scratching the surface of water". While throwing the hands, the body is relaxed and soft, but at the moment of impact power becomes solid and crisp. The hands move out as palms, but they return as hooks.
This is a rarely taught aspect of Mantis that focuses on footwork and a few basic techniques that are used to open the opponent’s gate and set up various throws and / or join manipulations. Mike will teach the first 6 Rows along with a multitude of applications focusing on Chin Na (joint locks) and Shuai (throwing), both specialties of Mike Martello’s, found within all systems of Mantis.
Again this seminar is open to all styles and levels. Mantis is renowned for its fast hands, elusive footwork, and aggressive nature and this seminar will give you a good taste of the basic principles of Mantis. If you are a Mantis practitioner this workshop will only build upon your base knowledge making you a better fighter and Mantis player.

Sessions VII & VIII: 12 Soft Principles
Session VII: Saturday Oct. 13th 12-3pm
Session VIII: Saturday Oct. 13th 5-8pm
The 12 Soft Principles (Shi Er Rou) are common to all Mantis systems, and can actually be found in most all martial arts. Combining offensive and defensive techniques, Mike will lead us through various drills that encapsulate the ideals of staying loose and relaxed until the moment of contact, stealing your opponent’s root (balance), opening avenues of attack in your opponents defense, and using defense as offense just to name a few.
Practitioners of other arts should participate in this seminar, as principles are universal regardless of stylistic differences. Remember that styles are merely different expressions of the same energies. This seminar will enhance your fighting skills, and understanding of the Chinese martial arts.

Sessions IX & X: Combative Theory & Technique of Babu Tanglang
Session IX: Sunday Oct. 14th 10am-1pm
Session X: Saturday Oct. 14th 3-6pm
Eight Step (Babu Tanglang) Mantis is the most recently developed system of Northern Praying Mantis, combining aspects of Tong Bei, Xing Yi, Bagua, and Plum Blossom Mantis. Known for its sensitivity, smooth footwork, aggressive hands, and devastating throws and locks, Babu Tanglang is a complete system of combat made famous by Wei Xiao Tang out of Taiwan.
In this seminar series Mike will lead us through various theories and techniques found throughout the Babu system, covering the four methods of attack (throwing / joint manipulation /kicking / striking). The workshop will stress the importance of position, proper generation of power, and listening power (Ting jin) in hand to hand combat.

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