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   By Adam Lammiman on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 - 06:18 am: Edit Post

Hi after lurking on here for a while and reading through some of the archives and I've got a question for Tim et al.

Firstly thanks for the enlightening comments on the whole sink the chest, round the back and tuck the tail under debate. I've always had trouble reconciling my yoga practice (which teaches opening the chest and letting the back sit in it's natural curve), with some of the postural advice I'd heard in Tai-Chi. Now I no longer have to struggle to fit the two together.
Anyway this leads me to my question, it seems that some of the confusion on posture comes from how the Tai Chi classics have been translated from Chinese to English. So with that in mind which, in your eyes, do you consider is the best translation in English of the Classics? The one that keeps closest to the meaning and spirit of the original Chinese?

Thanks in advance.

   By Tim on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 - 07:08 pm: Edit Post

I haven't read the majority of the Taijiquan Classics in English, but I do like Douglas Wile's work.

   By Adam Lammiman on Friday, October 03, 2008 - 05:16 am: Edit Post

Thanks Tim, I will check his books out.

   By robert on Wednesday, October 08, 2008 - 01:28 pm: Edit Post

I have the book, it is a good book:-)

I like the way it contains original manuscripts of the old masters.

I also like the chapters on energy transfer, and the different types of jing.

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