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   By Sum Guye on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 01:24 pm: Edit Post

Can you explain the concept of 'silk reeling energy'?... and how it applies to practical fighting?
Thanks, Sum

   By Tim on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 01:25 pm: Edit Post

silk reeling energy' is common in most all the Northern Chinese martial arts. It refers to moving the torso and limbs in circular, spiral or twisting patterns. At a basic level (striking for example), the greater the speed, the greater the potential force of impact. In the body, this translates to combining and coordinating the overall movement of the body so that the combined power of several types of movement is many times greater than a single type of movement alone. For example, if I hold my arm straight out ahead of me and walk directly into you I will hit with x amount of force. If I combine the forward movement with a rotation of the torso (y amount of force) as I hit you, the force will be much greater (x and y combined). The method of silk reeling is to combine the many rotational forces of the body into one coordinated flow (the rotational power of the legs with the hips with the torso with the arms), resulting in an exponentially greater force than could be achieved by using one part of the body alone. Another advantage of silk reeling power applied to striking is that the spiralling power issued bores into the opponent's body (just like the bullet of a rifle penetrates more readily than a musket ball). When applied to throwing, the same types of rotational body movement allow the thrower to put more force into an opponent from point blank range (which is where most grappling occurs). In addition, people are more able to resist straight pushing and pulling motions, and are easily put off their base when twisted. Joints are much more resistant to straight bending and stretching forces than they are to twisting or rotational forces. So silk reeling applied to Chin Na and joint locking techniques makes them more efficient. Twisting the joints of the extremities is the only practical way to chain lock into an opponent's center for techniques which push inward. Defensively, twisting to neutralize an incoming blow ('rolling with a punch' for exmple) is the only method of avoiding harm while maintaining the ability for simultaneous counter attack (for example, you push my left shoulder, I rotate my torso with the push, neutralizing the incoming force while simultaneously striking back with my right hand. These types of techniques are only possible when rotational movement is applied). Health wise, rotational movements of the joints are invaluable in maintaining range of motion and proper lubrication. In addition, twisting the muscles (and internal organs) helps to 'squeeze' the blood and fluids out and allow fresh blood in. Circular or rotational movements also greatly improve flexibility, and the strength of the connective tissue.

   By Rick Matz on Thursday, June 19, 2003 - 10:51 pm: Edit Post

Could any of you recommend a VCD on silk reeling, and perhaps describe it a bit?

Thanks in advance.

Rick Matz

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