Congratulations to the Shen Wu Fighters in the Dog Brothers Event

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   By Tim on Monday, July 14, 2003 - 12:02 am: Edit Post

Congratulations to Meynard and Chris Hein for their outstanding performances in the "Gathering of the Pack" full contact stick fighting event this weekend.

Props also to Shane for breaking up a knife fight in LA on Saturday. He's as brave as he is big hearted.

   By Abdullah Orozco on Monday, July 14, 2003 - 12:27 pm: Edit Post

Give us some details please.

   By Shane on Monday, July 14, 2003 - 05:56 pm: Edit Post

The Dog Brothers 'Gathering' was great. About 25 competitors donned light gloves and fencing masks, paired off and had 3 minute matches going at each other with staves, rattan sticks and/or blunt knives. Several of the guys went for several matches against diferent opponents (Meynard had 3)- and the only female competitor dominated her much larger male opponent in a knife fight.

If the fighters got close enough they did what most fighters will do- clinched and took it to the ground. A lot of the fights were ended on the ground with submissions. Several ended with near knockout blows.

The fights were brutal but all the fighters showed gunuine caring for their opponents. A couple of guys were laughing proudly as one of their fiends headbutted them in the face (if one fighters head gear came off when they clinched or went to the ground- the reff pulled off the other guys headgear to keep things even).

The fighters are permitted to toss surprises into the mix- one guy had his knife kicked out of his hand- backed up while reaching into his waistband and produced another knife just as his opponent was on him- he spun his opponent into the wall and stabbed him repeatedly.

The injuries were minor- some welts a bloody nose, one shoulder dislocation and some head lacerations. Hurt or not- all the players were happy and complimentary afterward.

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