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   By Troy on Saturday, October 15, 2005 - 10:59 am: Edit Post

I'm curious to know what people here think of Jeet Kune Do. I've never noticed any threads on it, but I didn't really search either.

I think it is interesting, Bruce Lee did a lot to bring it to the forefront. I also find it can help a lot with anyone's fighting skills. Since it is primarily a philosophy, and less of technically based "style" I see it being more adaptable to whatever martial art.

   By robert on Saturday, October 15, 2005 - 02:56 pm: Edit Post

have you read his books? he has some. they're good to read.

   By Troy on Saturday, October 15, 2005 - 06:40 pm: Edit Post

Oh yeah, in fact Tao of Jeet Kune Do is the first book on martial arts that I ever bought and read. Plus I've read Art of Expressing the Human Body, which is about his strength and power training methods. Plus the newer Jeet Kune Do: Commentaries on the Martial Way.

These are fantastic but I'd like to know what people think about it. It would be nice to hear what Tim has to say and maybe Meynard if he's not too busy. Plus anyone else, I think it has had such an effect on martial arts. Although the guys who fought in the early UFC who said they were JKD didn't do so well. However, the MA world was very confused back then, even though it still kinda is, but at least it's getting it together.

   By Rich on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - 11:15 pm: Edit Post

Dont judge a fighter that lost and says he learned JKD... there are many fighters of all styles that will loose... it is not the style it is the man practicing the style.

I have found that many people think they are training in a superior art, like JKd... and dont put in all the effort that another is putting into a so called inferior art... get my drift.

   By Jay Shrewsbury (Unregistered Guest) on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 11:57 am: Edit Post

Well stated Rich!

If you evened out experience, strength, weight, power, mind set, and naturall ability, then perhaps the style would make a difference, but with all those other factors the style is just a small part of the over all ability of an individual.

We must also take in account the fact that the UFC and such events not only have rules, but the mind set is different, you are not fighting for your life. If your family was in danger, an arm bar submission, would not be a submission at all, you would rip your own arm off and beat him with it, if that is what it took to protect your loved ones from immenent danger.

JKD is a great art and has many benefits. I only wish BL was still alive, I would be interested in seeing what JKD would be like today.

   By J.T.Sukhwani on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 01:48 pm: Edit Post

What saddens me is that direct students of B.L. are now between 60s & 70s and that when they try to post (on another forums, of course!)to share their experiences , they are disrespectfuly attacked by anonymous posters who try to teach them what B.L. did or not. Very sad.



   By Troy on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 02:33 pm: Edit Post

I agree. I always find it funny when people tear down Dan Inosanto. The man is on another level of fighting that many of us may never reach.

I definitely understand what you mean Rich, I've met many people who were mediocre fighters in supposedly superior system because they thought they were better than the guy who dedicates everything to his training, even though his "style" is so-called "inferior."

If BL was still alive, I think his "system" would probably include more grappling and be even more simple. Although BL's JKD was his own personal MA expression.

   By Harry (Unregistered Guest) on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 03:22 pm: Edit Post

I believe that if Bruce were alive today, he'd be either a rich Chinese businessman or a really bad actor.

Interesting reading:

   By Kenneth Sohl on Thursday, October 20, 2005 - 01:01 pm: Edit Post

I believe that if Bruce were alive today, he'd be much older than he was when he died.

   By J.T.Sukhwani on Thursday, October 20, 2005 - 03:41 pm: Edit Post

"I believe that if Bruce were alive today, he'd be much older than he was when he died."

Now that was hilarious!

   By Bob #2 on Thursday, October 20, 2005 - 04:38 pm: Edit Post

you dorks don't seriously believe that "Bruce Lee's dead" hoax do you?

everyone knows he faked his death and went in to hiding because the Triad was after him.

   By J.T.Sukhwani on Friday, October 21, 2005 - 06:38 am: Edit Post

I thought he was dancing with Elvis!

   By Backarcher on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 12:25 am: Edit Post

JKD is where my martial roots rest. I studied JKD for a long time. Actually, I am still studying the "concept and philosophy" of JKD, even though I'm not in a formal program.

You can't really speak of JKD without defining which JKD system you refer.

"Orginal" JKD teaches JKD as Bruce Lee taught it, or Jun Fan.

JKD "Concepts" teaches orginal JKD, plus the Inosanto additions of the SE Asian arts and BJJ.

"Functional" JKD is Matt Thorton's brainchild (which I most connect myself). It focuses mainly on boxing, Muay Thai, Greco wrestling and BJJ. It still uses some of the JKD concepts for "street situations".

JKD was the first system to bring BJJ into the arena of fighting. The first to uses western boxing as a primary striking system.

The problem with some JKD schools is their lack of "aliveness" and real time sparring.

You can't discuss JKD without these distinctions.

   By Troy on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 12:13 pm: Edit Post

In my opinion, that's exactly what BL was trying to prevent. That is an organization, a stylization of JKD, which actually goes against the "ideas" of freedom in combat. JKD is the name given to your own personal expression of fighting. You take those concepts and then make them yours, study and understand your own physical, emotional, and spiritual understanding of fighting and combat. Thereby making JKD your own.

You could look at JKD or any MA like the way you discribed, doesn't mean it's right.

And yes I can discuss JKD without those distinctions.

   By Backarcher on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 08:16 pm: Edit Post


But, If someone ask about "Kung Fu" you would say which style or method. It's a generalization.

Someone ask about wrestling, you'd say what type(greco, folkstyle, freestyle, catch...)

So you have to know what JKD you are referring to. It's not what BL intended, but it's the way it is now.

   By J.T.Sukhwani on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 07:25 am: Edit Post


You said you use JKD concepts but won't it be right to say they are universal concepts?

and my question for different branches/practicioners of JKD: Do you hit with the power and speed B.L. used? If not then what are you doing?(no offense intended)



   By Backarcher on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 04:57 pm: Edit Post


   By J.T.Sukhwani on Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 05:37 am: Edit Post


   By Troy on Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 10:22 am: Edit Post

No, because I'm not BL. That and I wouldn't say I do JKD either. Nice philosophy though.

   By J.T.Sukhwani on Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 11:58 am: Edit Post


Don't you think we all have the potential to hit with B.L.'s speed and power? Was B.L. genetically gifted and not we?


Could you share your lineage in JKD?



   By Troy on Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 07:11 pm: Edit Post

Oh sure we could, it's very possible. But I was saying that I, myself, don't hit like him. Although I don't exactly know how hard he hit, so I can't really say. But I don't think I do. I wasn't talking about anyone else.

   By Backarcher on Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 07:40 pm: Edit Post

Lineage? My least favorite word in martial arts, next to the phrase, "too deadly to spar".

But, Hartsell, Inosanto, Vunak, Richardson, and my former instructor Julian Loredo. I was initally infuenced by those guys in one way or another.

My way was more "Larry Hartsell-like". I still am partial to his grappling, but I'm more along the lines of Matt Thorton.

Yet, I'm just myself. An original me.

   By Kenneth Sohl on Friday, October 28, 2005 - 12:18 am: Edit Post

And, greater than the sum of your learning, I'm confident.

   By J.T.Sukhwani on Friday, October 28, 2005 - 12:04 pm: Edit Post


Hope my question didn't bother you. I just wanted to know where you wer coming from. If you taste OJKD teachers your tea will taste better.



   By Backarcher on Friday, October 28, 2005 - 01:53 pm: Edit Post

No problem!

   By willard ford on Saturday, October 29, 2005 - 03:06 am: Edit Post

Bruce Lee's "The Tao of JKD" is harder to understand than James Joyce. Either Lee was an idiot or I am an idiiot. I didn't understand a thing.

   By Troy on Saturday, October 29, 2005 - 06:31 pm: Edit Post

It's a book of notes. Have you ever tried to read someone else's notes?

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