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   By Tim on Tuesday, October 03, 2006 - 02:22 pm: Edit Post

Plus one for sport fighters.

   By Willis on Tuesday, October 03, 2006 - 11:49 pm: Edit Post


   By Jason M. Struck on Friday, October 06, 2006 - 05:43 pm: Edit Post

that is the absolutely appropriate resonse!

though in his defence, weeks where I get less than 10hrs training in, I can be a bit jumpy too.

now I have to have aggression beaten out of me on a regular basis.

   By Elliot on Friday, October 06, 2006 - 06:57 pm: Edit Post

I bet you never get "beatch slap some random girl in the face for no reason jumpy"

   By robert on Sunday, October 08, 2006 - 07:32 am: Edit Post

i wouldve done waaaaay more then that.

   By Bob #2 on Sunday, October 08, 2006 - 02:00 pm: Edit Post

me too. I would've kicked her after the backhand. The girl had no manners.

   By Jason M. Struck on Sunday, October 08, 2006 - 10:47 pm: Edit Post

what a tough guy!

you comin up to jersey next weekend?

   By Ahdoga on Sunday, October 08, 2006 - 11:47 pm: Edit Post

Whether you agree with the response or not, this vid show well what happens when someone who really has the will and skill flips the switch. There was no talking. No pushing or arguing. Just put down the threat to your spouse or loved one. Like a bear.
Good vid post, Tim. Boxing is a core skill that should be appreciated by all.

   By Doc Lefty on Monday, October 09, 2006 - 01:32 am: Edit Post

That is a heartwarming video, no doubt. But it doesnt show a fight it shows a single exchange, and it is good example of the biggest problem of pure sport training: it is not oriented to finishing real conflict. Sport training is great for basic attributes and skills, but if these skills are never put into a self-defense frame than you are left with the habit of establishing sporting dominance and then walking away. Which leaves your opponent in a position to take your skillset into account and then decide for themselves whether to either walk away or else take the conflict into some other format where they figure they can dominate.

   By Jason M. Struck on Monday, October 09, 2006 - 10:27 am: Edit Post


but i always thought of Boxing as the one where you try to render the guy unconscious with punches to the face.

and I think of Judo/BJJ as the ones where you slam the guy on the ground, and then you break something or make them go to sleep.

Tae kwon do, i get more where your coming from. Freestyle wrestling, yeah, establishing a pin on the guys that accidently slapped your girlfriend not really that useful... but positional dominance... priceless.

   By Jason M. Struck on Monday, October 09, 2006 - 10:30 am: Edit Post


grapplers quest


you in ? Next week...

or maybe Battle of Brooklyn? That looks cool, and i haven't been to NYC in a while-

By the way guys- BOB- San Da, Sambo, it's gonna be rad.

   By Shane on Monday, October 09, 2006 - 12:12 pm: Edit Post


Would the 'exchange' have gone differently if either of the two men who were beaten had trained in sport fighting the the past?

   By Elliot on Monday, October 09, 2006 - 07:20 pm: Edit Post

Doc is right,

could you imagine what would have happened to those two thugs if the boxer dude knew dim mak or some dragon style!

Those dudes were lucky that guy only knew his ring boxing.

   By Jason M. Struck on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - 09:37 am: Edit Post

there's a reason that Dim Mak is a secret, only to be revealed to pimply ass dungeon-masters who beg (pay/show up) long enough!

   By chris hein on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - 12:42 pm: Edit Post

I wish you could see the rest of the fight, I'm sure it was just more of the same, but still. It would be fun to see the girl mace those guys.

   By robert on Friday, October 13, 2006 - 09:59 am: Edit Post

wat up jason,
what the hell are you talking about? if its in san diego let me know. ill gladly ippon your lil 145 azz. :-)

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