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   By Elliot on Saturday, April 21, 2007 - 10:51 pm: Edit Post

I saw this post on another site, from a guy called Trick Foot. Is this for real?

I can project and absorb energy at will - using any part of my body or mind at verying levels of intensity.
In my methods - Along with the commen gates in TCM - I use the pores of the skin/ organs and dantians as gates also.


For some specific instances where I would experience this phenomenon unconciously:
Sometimes I will be walking in a crowded area - and I'll pass closely by somone and "feel" them (their bioelectric field) with out touch.
(I started experiencing this from a very young age - I've mastered it through out my whole life as this skill comes in handy when fighting - or trying to locate some one. ( a family member lost in a big store for example -It is kind of like a "radar" or sorts)
But I don't know if that is another kind of skill.
It happens alot when I least expect it . when I'm fighting /sparring someone.

Sometimes objects / people will "stick" to me even if I'm trying to shake them off
But I don't know if the way that I'm doing it is "right" if there is a rigt or wrong.
See my problem .. I know two things (jack and - and jack left town)
It just happens to me- weather I'm ready or not.

In other occurances - I would be walking through a store - and once in awhile - some of the items on the shelves will fall down or move sligthly either foward or backward as look at them or I walk by.
I've knocked down people / objects - unconciously just by looking at them.
Women seem to always get all bright eyed and bushy tailed around me.
I'v developed the ability to conciously move small clouds at will.
I've been hit by lightning twice.

When I visited Mike Strong in Las Vegas I showed him a few of my personal methods and he said he saw a small bit of lightning shoot out of my temples and chin.

As of yet I've not currently met anyone that can relate or has experienced this jin/s before.
If there IS anyone that has this skill/s - or abilty.

So - What do I do?
I feel lost.

   By alienpig on Sunday, April 22, 2007 - 08:53 am: Edit Post

Trick foot is an arse clown

   By robert on Thursday, April 26, 2007 - 05:06 pm: Edit Post

I have experienced these types of jins, two weeks ago i ate some chicken colorado, ive been farting out white hot flame evern since, and just yesterday i cried acid.

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