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Tim Cartmell's
Books & Videos

In this detailed book and video set, Tim Cartmell expertly explains the principles of combat throwing techniques and provides dozens of examples of throwing techniques which, when performed correctly, do not require the use of great power, force, or effort. Drawing from over 25 years of martial arts experience in the arts of Kung Fu San Soo, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Taiji Quan, and Yi Quan, Cartmell explains the concepts of combat throwing techniques in a clear and easily understandable manner. Practitioners of any fighting art will benefit from learning the principles of effortless combat throwing techniques that are detailed in this book and video. Also included are the theory, strategy, and technique of set ups and follow through of these throws.

In this book, author Zhao Da Yuan, the chief martial arts instructor at the China People's Police Officer Academy in Beijing, China, combines the secrets of both the internal and external schools of Chinese Martial Arts to bring the reader an in-depth study and analysis of the art of Chin Na. Chin Na utilizes the striking and seizing of vital points, grasping of tendons and blood vessels and the locking of joints. Every major fighting system in China utilizes the techniques of Chin Na and thus it is said that "Chin Na represents the marrow of these arts."